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This was a very different but fabulous upside down cake.  Most of us are familiar with Pineapple Upside Down Cake which is a more coffee cake kind of cake and generally no inside filling.  It was a nice change to use nectarines instead of the usual canned pineapple slices, the   Read More ...

These were so easy and fun to make… absolutely delicious too.  I tried them with jam which is the usual topping but since the popovers reminded me of the taste of crepes I also tried it with fresh squeezed lemon juice and confectionary sugar and it was wonderful… just like   Read More ...

This was easy and so yummy … looks like you spent much more time making it than you did.  A real winner on all counts.

Excellent!  The crust was delicious and who would have guessed that blueberries and nectarines would go so well together.  Everyone who had a slice of this pie loved it.

I had never had this bread before.  It was easy to make and very tasty and it makes a nice looking loaf for how quickly  it comes together.  Would be a great bread recipe for a spur of the moment dinner party.

I wasn’t looking forward to making these because I have made lots of biscotti and hardly anyone ever eats them no matter how good they are.  One reason for this I think is that they are normally very thick and very hard and unless you are a dunker (in coffee   Read More ...

This is one gorgeous cake!  You basically have all the flavors of strawberry shortcake wrapped up in a prettier package.  I find it helpful when you are using whipped cream as a frosting that it pays to whip it before you start making the cake … then you can put   Read More ...

  I love naan and was really looking forward to making this recipe.  However, this wasn’t the kind of naan you get at a Indian restaurant.  That kind of naan is soft and buttery and pillowy.  This was more like a thin crust pizza… good but not naan.

Pecan Sticky Buns I really really love pecan sticky buns… but these not so much.  The directions were easy to follow but the dough didn’t bake up as high or light and fluffy as I like and I didn’t think the topping ingredients added enough flavor or wonderful gooeyness that   Read More ...

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes for a bar type cookie.    They are FABULOUS and, although they look real fancy, they are very easy to make.  However, the recipe’s directions for layering the shortbread in the pan via using a box grater sure didn’t work for me.   Read More ...

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