What a beauty this cake is. So elegant and so much chocolate goodness.

These are delicious cookies!

Pg. 94 These were fun and easy to make.  I followed the instructions exactly but I did double the recipe and got about 28 Madeleines from a double batch .  These are best the day you bake them. This is a genoise batter which is what you often use for   Read More ...

These are the first few recipes I tried from the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook.  These are the simple ones… they won’t always be so easy .

Zingerman’s is known for specialty food items from around the world.  I decided to give myself a gift of their Culinary Adventure Society package.  This package won the TV Food Network’s Food Club Award.  I really didn’t know there was such an award but it enticed me to sign up!   Read More ...

Strawberry-Moonshine Fried Pies

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